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Services Provided:

  • Registration of building and other construction workers and unorganized workers.


  • The AP Labour Welfare Fund Act  provide for the constitution  of  Fund called A.P. Labour Welfare Fund for financing of activities to promote welfare of Labour working in Shops & Establishments,  Factories, Motor Transport Undertakings, Societies & Trusts. The  A.P. Labour Welfare Board constituted under the Act is conducting the activities relating to implementation of the following welfare schemes –

1) Vaidhya Sahaayam :  Medical re-imbursement up to Rs.20,000/- to beneficiary / dependent for treatment of Chronic diseases like Cancer, Brain tumor, Heart ailments, Aids, Kidney, parlays, hysterectomy, trauma care.

2) Pramaada Marana Aardhika Sahaayam :   Rs.30,000/- to  legal heir of beneficiary  for death in accident on duty.

3) Anthya Kriyalaku Aardhika Sahaayam :  Rs. 5,000/- to the legal heir of  deceased beneficiary.                                                       

4) Vivaaha Kaanuka :  A Gift worth Rs. 10,000/- (FD) to woman beneficiary or  daughter of any beneficiary on marriage.

5) Income Generating Scheme: A.P. Labour Welfare Board is imparting training free of cost, in Tailoring, Embroidery to family members of beneficiaries in Hyderabad.

6) Angavaikalyaaaniki Aardhika Sahaayam:   Up to Rs.20,000/- to beneficiaries lost  limbs in accidents.

7) Prasuthi Sahaayam: Rs.5,000/- to Woman worker or wife of male worker not covered under E.S.I. or any such scheme.

8) Aadarsha Kutumba Protsaahakam:  Rs.2,000/- to beneficiary for undergoing Family planning operation.


9) Vidhya Prothsaahakam: scholarships from Rs. 1,000/- to Rs. 2,000/- to the beneficiaries / their children prosecuting 10th class, ITI (Rs.1,000/-) Polythenic, Engineering, Medicine, Law, B.S.C. (Ag), S.S.C.(Vet), B.C.A., B.B.A., B. Pharmacy, M.B.A. & M.C.A (Rs.2,000/-)

10) Pratyeka Vidhya Prothsaahakam :   Rs.4,000/-


11) Sports, Games & Cultural Competitions:  Every year  Sports, Games & Cultural Competitions are conducted at Zonal and State Level among the workers of various Factories & Establishments and winners are awarded Prizes on MAY DAY.

  • Registration and renewal of shops and establishments


  •  Regulation of service conditions of employees working in shops and establishments viz. working hours, holidays, leave, welfare, safety and health etc.


  • Registration of Contractors
  • Registration of Trade Unions.
  • Certification of Standing Orders.


  • Registration of building and other construction workers and unorganized workers.
  • Conduct of Elections in the Industrial Establishments to determine majority union under Code of Discipline